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Root Canals During COVID-19

Emergency Endodontic (Root Canal) Treatment

As an endodontic practice, we must close our doors to all aspects of care except dental emergencies and urgent dental care, but…



We use root canals to save dying teeth. If an infected tooth is dying, and you delay treatment, there’s a higher chance that tooth will die.

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Dental Emergencies/Urgent Care

(When to call your endodontist)

  • Pain that keeps you from sleeping
  • Sharp pain when biting
  • Pain when something hot or cold touches the tooth
  • Darkening of a painful tooth
  • Pain from a broken tooth
  • Pain from a tooth with a cavity that has not yet been treated
  • Swelling gums surrounding a painful tooth

We will schedule you for an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

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Finding Relief in the Meantime

(What to do while you wait)

  • Place ice over the sore or tender area.
  • Apply a hot pack to the side of your jaw.
  • Take over-the-counter pain medications.
  • Swish warm salt water around in your mouth.
  • Gently press a cotton ball, soaked in apple cider vinegar, to the infected tooth.

Endodontics, PC

Do not postpone emergency endodontic care!

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